Full timeCardiff#1715 Junior nanny position for 10 month old babyMon: 8:30 - 14:30 Tue: 8:30 - 14:30 Wed: 8:30 - 14:30 Thu: Off Fri: 8:30 - 14:30 Sat: 14:30 - 20:30 ...01/07/2017225Yes

Full timeHeydon#1847 Confident Driver Au Pair for Girl 5 and Girl 3Looking after 2 girls aged almost 3 and almost 5, three days per week (Monday to Wednesday) whilst I...25/09/201790Yes

Full timeLondon#1424 Fun and Enthusiastic Au Pair for Girl 5 and Girl 2Monday to Friday 07:30 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 19:00 (Generally) School drop off and pick up Accompany o...02/09/201790No

Full timeKent#1397 Proactive Au Pair for 2 girls 12 and 13 years, Driver* Preparing morning breakfast for the girls (630-700am) * Tidying up the girls\' room (700-730am) * ...01/08/2017110Yes

Full timeLondon#1567 Austrian or German Au Pair for Girl 8 and Boy 57am to 9am - kids breakfast, bedrooms, laundry 3.30pm to 7pm - school pick up, play dates, activitie...01/09/2017100No

Full timeLondon#Nanny Position for Girl 7 and Girl 9Young, polite, well presented, happy to play, perfect english, able with homework, energetic and swe...10/06/2017400Yes

Full timeSurrey#0897 Housekeeper position in Richmond, SurreyFull housekeeping duties - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping floors and all the family laundry an...01/09/2017250No

Full timeSurrey#0897 Nanny/Housekeeper Position for Boys aged 3, 5 and 6Full housekeeping duties - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping floors and all the family laundry an...01/09/2017350No

Full timeLondon#1845 Junior Nanny position for 7 year old twinsTaking to school, some cooking, some cleaning (but have a cleaner once a week), \" nursery\" duties ...18/06/2017No

Full timeLondon#1269 Patient and Punctual Au Pair for Girl 13, Boy 9 and Girl 725-30 hrs/week. The au pair would do drop off and collection of the children at two local schools, ...20/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1850 Driver Au Pair for Girl 7, Girl 5 and Boy 5Would like to discuss. Both of us work full time - the occasional day from home. We need someone to ...21/08/2017Yes

Full timeOxford#1404 Cheerful and Confident Au Pair for Boy 16, Boy 14 and Boy 11After school care for an 11 year old boy. Preparing evening meal for three boys (16, 14 and 11). Occ...28/08/2017100Yes

Full timeLondon#1852 Energetic Au Pair for Girl 9 and Girl 77:20 - 8:30 Preparing breakfast, taking children to school (walk or bus) 16:00 - 19:00 Pick up from...09/07/201780No

Full timeLondon#1849 Friendly Au Pair for Boy 7 and Girl 5We require somebody to do the school run (7:30-9am) and after school (3-6:30pm) Monday to Thursday d...11/09/2017100No

Full timeAscot#1853 Friendly, Warm and Patient Elderly Companion for 88 year old ladyIt would be possible for the applicant to pursue their own activities during the day In the morning ...15/06/2017No

Full timeLondon#1411 Kind and Organised Au Pair for Boy 8 and Girl 6Monday - Friday - 7am-8am & 5pm-6.30pm Occasionally outside of these hours in the week. 2 nights ba...13/08/201790Yes

Full timeLondon#1843 Junior Nanny/ Mother's Help for Girl 7, Boy 5, Boy 2It will be a shared role with the mum. Sole care of our 2yro most mornings. Taking care of the child...21/05/2017225No

Part timeLondon#0010 Nanny Position for Boy 8 and Boy 8After school nanny 3-7.30 Mon to Friday with occasional help with morning drop off 7-9.30 am and one...22/05/201715Yes

Full time#0406 Lovely Au Pair for Girl 7 Boy 6 and Girl 2Daily help with two older children (aged 6 and 8) ➢ We would probably need some help in the morning ...06/08/2017100Yes

Full timeAlresford#1842 Cheerful and Outgoing Au Pair for Boy 9, Girl 6 and Girl 3Three days a week neede in the mornings for an hour or2 to get children ready for school and to take...01/09/2017100Yes

Full timeLondon#1674 Au Pair for Girl 9 and Girl 6Getting children ready for school, changing their beds once a week, cleaning shared bathroom once a ...14/08/201790Yes

Full timeLondon#1534 Patient and Kind Au Par for Boy 6 and Girl 4Morning duties will start at 7:30am, by preparing breakfast for the kids, whilst mum prepares them f...30/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1299 Au Pair in London for 4yr and a 5mnth oldHelping with children meal times light housekeeping helping kids get dressed helping with bathtime p...15/07/2017120No

Full timeLondon#0788 Fun And Friendly Au Pair for Boy 13, Girl 10, Girl 7Most weeks hours would be Monday to Friday, 5 hours a day, but flexibility required, especially in s...29/08/2017110No

Full timeLondon#1837 Junior Nanny for Girl 4 and Girl 3Looking for 5 days a week from 7:45-6:45pm. Looking after two girls. One aged 4 who is at school all...01/05/2017400No

Full timeSurrey#1839 Au Pair for Boy 12 and Girl 15Being at home for the kids if I am working late. Light housework (running dishwasher, washing machin...07/06/2017100Yes

Full timeLondon#1566 Girl 10, Boy 8, Girl 77am Au Pair starts to get children up, ,make breakfast, help with organisation of the day, dressing ...17/08/2017130No

Full timeLondon#1331 Cheerful Au Pair for Girl 6 and Boy 5Care and playing with children after school until 6-7pm Getting ready for school / feeding in the am...21/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1648 German Au Pair for Boy 3 and Boy 2We are a fun bilingual family (Mum is German, Dad is English) living in Notting Hill and need help w...08/09/201785No

Full timeLondon#0333 Reliable and Friendly Au Pair for Boy 8 and Boy 6We live in Central London (Shepherds Bush) and are looking for a friendly and responsible au pair to...14/08/2017115No

Full timeGreat Cornard#0375 Friendly Au Pair for Boy 10Before school - breakfast together, preparing and driving to school Drive to school After school- ...22/07/2017100Yes

Full timeWandsworthLive-in Housekeeper required in Central LondonIn addition to English, speaks either Spanish or Italian -Responsibilities: cleaning, cooking, ironi...05/06/2017300No

Full timeHarlton#0531 Kind and Friendly Au Pair for Boy 11 and Boy 9I am a GP. I work Monday morning 730 -2pm, I then work Wed - Fri 730- 715pm. In term time we would n...09/08/201780Yes

Full timeKent#1836 Au PAir for Boy 3 and Boy 6I am looking for someone to take care of my kids 6&3. The au pair will be responsible to drop them o...01/06/2017120Yes

Full timeLondon#1834 Nanny Position for 9 year old Twinsstart time 6.30am term time help get children ready for school and do school drop off. Free from 8a...26/06/2017500Yes

Full timeLondon#1833 Sporty Au Pair for family in LondonOur daughters are J (age 8) and L (age 5). When the girls were young a nanny looked them after them ...01/09/2017100No

Full timeMilton Keynes#1740 German Au Pair for Girl 2 and Boy 4 monthsWe would be sharing the following: Getting E up in the morning, feed, play, bring her to bed for he...01/08/201790No

Full timeLondon#121 Au Pair Position for Boy 16, Girl 10 and Boy 6looking after our 6 year old son, 10 year old daughter mainly ( we have a 16 year old son as well) H...13/08/2017100No

Full timeChepstow#1813 Junior Nanny Position for Girl 7 and Girl 4Prepare the children for School (on occasion take them to school- 5 min drive), general children\'s ...21/08/2017250Yes

Full timeLondon#1816 Junior Nanny Position for Girl 3 and Girl 5 monthsWe are trying to figure out our childcare as I go back to work after maternity leave. This will pro...21/08/2017300No

Full timeLondon#0307 Mother's Help Position 3 Girls 1,3,5 yearsOur current mothers help assists with drop offs and pick ups and looks after our youngest child whil...01/07/2017180No

Full timeSurrey#471 Calm and Kind Au Pair for Boy 5, Boy 3 and Boy 2I have three boys, 5 years, 3 years and my youngest will turn two in September. I am looking for som...20/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1830 Lovely Au Pair for Girl 7School pick up 3 to 4 afternoons a week with expected childcare duties from about 4pm to 7pm with oc...30/09/201780Yes

Full timeLondon#1829 Kind and Considerate Au Pair for Girl 7 and Boy 5AM - help with getting the children up and ready for school. Occasionally doing breakfast without m...17/08/2017100Yes

Full timeSurrey#1821 Live-in Junior Nanny Position for Girl5 and 3y twin BoysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 7.00 – 9.00 Get children ready, breakfast, take them to school & nursery...21/08/2017250Yes

Full time#1825 Happy and Patient Au Pair for Boy 3 and Girl 5Term time Working 4 days a week Take 2 year old son to nursery and 5 year old daughter to school (wi...21/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1822 Independent and Responsible Au Pair for Girl 6 and Girl 4Morning start: 7:30/8am. Help with children (two girls aged 4 and 6) getting ready for school. 8:45a...15/09/2017100No

Full timeHampton#1823 Organised and Reliable Au Pair for boy 3 and Boy 5Up to 30 hours childcare per week (Mum works part time 2.5 days a week and Dad works full time in th...01/06/2017120No

Full timeKenley#1824 Kind and Warm Au Pair for Girl 8 and Girl 5feeding, taking and picking up form school and activities, homework supervision, children\'s laundry...01/09/201780Yes

Full timeKent#1827 Mother's Help position in KentSCHOOL TERM SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday: 7:30 –8:30 - Wake D up, prepare breakfast, ensure all sch...225Yes

Full timeOxfordshire#1151 Au Pair for Boy 9 and Girl 530 hours per week, organising breakfast, teas, pick up from school, helping with home work, tidyin...11/09/201790Yes

Full timeLondon#1828 Caring and Patient Au Pair for 2 year old BoyTotal hours: 25 a week -Nursery drop off: 1.5 hrs/ day weekdays : We need someone to get our son rea...01/07/2017100No

Full timeSurrey#1677 Kind and Responsible Au Pair for G3 G7 & B9We have clearer although we ask that the Au Pair cleans up after herself and helps out if necessary ...03/09/2017140Yes

Full timeLondon#1352 Loving and Fun Au Pair for family in London7.30am - 9.30am then 2.30pm - 6pm Key duties would be during school time getting the kids ready for ...29/08/2017100Yes

Full timeBeckenham#1818 Au Pair for Girl 8 and Girl 11Morning duties from 7:30/8am to 9:30am Supervise breakfast, check the children have school bags, spo...21/08/2017No

Full time#1051 Energetic Au Pair for Boy 4 and Boy 7Helping to get the children ready for school in the morning and then taking them to school and also ...30/07/2017100Yes

Full timeLondon#1819 Calm, Fun Nanny for Girl 5 and Boy 47-8 - help children who are 4 a 5 get dressed and ready for school 8-3 - stay at home with baby, al...04/05/2017450No

Full timeEton#1820 Au Pair for Boy 9, Boy 7 and Girl 4Helping with school run (it\'s a 10 min pleasant cycle) Helping with homework and music practice (pi...14/08/2017110No

Full timeChippenham#0905 French Au Pair for 5 year old twins and 9 year old boyWe have 3 boys, twins boys R and G aged 5 and W aged 9. Photos to follow. The basic daily routine wi...Yes

Part timeSurrey#1814 Part time Live-in Nanny for lovely 7 year old GirlPick-up drop-off from school. Specifically, the child\'s parents are divorced, share equal custody a...01/09/2017200No

Full timeLondon#0548 German Au Pair for Boys 12 & 9yearsLooking after two boys age 12 and 9. School drop off and pick up with 9 year old. Overseeing homew...16/08/2017100No

Full timeHarpendenKind & Caring Au Pair for Boy9 and Girl4Breakfast, school pick ups laundry ironing emptying bins tidying children\'s rooms, preparing meals ...26/08/2017No

Full timeLondonFriendly and Enthusiastic Au Pair for Girl 6 and Boy 4Getting kids ready for school and walking them to school starting at 07.15. Keeping kitchen tidy, em...15/07/2017100No

Full timeLincolnFun Au Pair for 5 year old girlGet L up, dressed, feed her breakfast and then take her to school for 0845. Light house work as requ...14/08/2017100Yes

Full timeLondonNanny/Housekeeper position for Girl 2,5 & Boy 11mthHousekeeping Ironing Washing Cleaning Caring for i year old baby Carling and activities with 2.5 ye...08/05/2017500Yes

Part timeSevenoaksRelaxed, organised and fun Au Pair for B8.5 G7school run; help with kids homework, tidying kids rooms and looking after their laundry - occasional...31/07/2017100Yes

Full timeLondonNanny position for 1 year old twinsI\'m looking for a sole charge nanny to care for twins (boy and girl aged 1 years old) and a little ...14/08/2017500Yes

Full timeLondonGerman Au Pair for 3 boys-2,4&7yGeneral extra pair of hands. Main thing is that the candidate speaks to my children in German as we ...04/09/2017100No

Full timeLondonHappy and Fun Au pair for Girl 3yDress child for nursery and drop off in morning - 1.5hrs Pick child up from nursery & play with - 1h...30/06/201780No

Full timeLondonAu Pair for Lovely family in LondonI would require an Au Pair for 3 days (preferably 9 hours a day), I am flexible on days off, however...19/06/2017100No

Full timeLondonAu Pair for 2 boys in LondonHello! Our family consists of myself, my husband, and our two sons, D1 (4 yrs old) and D2 (4 months)...01/06/201785No

Full timeLondonAu Pair for family in LondonLooking for someone who is reliable, kind and friendly Help with 4 year old. drop off/ pick up to n...05/09/2017100No

Full timeDatchetJunior Nanny role, July start30-35 hours per week.  Mainly working Monday to Friday to pick up my 3 year old from nursery and hav...10/07/2017250No

Full timeMother's Help role, September startPrepare daughter for school pick up in taxi ( Breakfast, hair, dressing, toilet, teeth)  Prepare pac...03/09/2017140No

Full timeLondonAu Pair in LondonHelp get the children ready for school and take to school ( usually 7 - 9 in the morning) Collect ch...01/09/201790No

Full timeBuckinghamshireElderly Companion in AmershamHours: approximately 830am - 4.30pm=cup of tea in bed, breakfast, help dressing, with for safety goi...350No

Full timeAu Pair Plus position, 2 children, In Bekrshire SL3We would like our au pair to work up to 35 hours per week, which will include up to 2 nights babysit...28/08/201795Yes

Full timeAu Pair for Twin GirlsIn term time: maximum 5 hours per day Monday to Friday with weekends free.  Pick up children from sc...26/08/2017No

Full timeDriving Au Pair, July startDuties include : School pick up, entertaining the kid’s during school holidays for example trips to ...01/07/2017110Yes

Full timeFrench speaking Au PairGive 3 kids breakfast and ready for school for 8.45 start. Tube station in Barons Court and school i...26/08/2017130No

Part timeClaphamFun and energetic Au Pair for B8 G6Get the children up and ready for school and pick up at the end of school.  Take children to after s...21/08/2017125No

Full timeBeaconsfield3 boys looking for an Au PairWe have 3 young children. Our eldest boy, Sam is 9 years old and our twin boys, Tom and Jimmy are 8....Yes

Full timeDutch Au Pair for 2 childrenThe day to day duties including taking children to school and picking them up from school, taking th...01/09/2017100No

Full timeLondon£800 Net pw nanny role with immediate startLooking for a Nanny for 20 months old daughter, shared care with mother. Busy fun household. Must be...13/04/2017800No

Full timeLondonAu Pair Position, Start mid-AugustPre-school help – getting the children dressed, teeth brushed etc School drop off / pick up (5 minu...14/08/2017100Yes

Part timeAu Pair for girl 12 boy 97.45 – 8.30 – breakfast and take N to school (a 2 minute walk) During the day whenever fits in – lig...24/07/2017100Yes

Full timeAu Pair for 8 and 4 years old girlsPlay with children  Wash dishes and clothes  Help tidy and help cook Girls at school so help from 7 ...01/09/2017100No

Part timeBalhamProactive, caring, personable Swiss Au Pair for G4.School drop off and pick-up 5 days per week Afternoon care and activities from 4-6:30pm until parent...08/07/2017110No

Full timeMuswell HillNanny/Housekeeper for family with G3 and newbornRe English Ability - if they are Spanish or French Speaking, we don't mind if their English is bad. ...25/04/2017350No

Part timeRopleyOutdoorsy, organised and decisive Au pair for twin girls 7, driverWe are looking for an au pair that can help with looking after our 7 year old twin girls and bring s...01/05/2017100Yes

Part timeGuildfordAu pair for B12 G14Looking after children.  Preparing food, cleaning, washing clothes, and tidying for the children.  M...04/09/201780No

Part timeClaphamTidy, mature and kind Au Pair for G5 G8Most importantly: childcare. Looking after our children, playing with them, taking them out and help...01/09/2017100No

Part timeHenley-on-Thamesfun-loving, chatty, organised Au pair for B5 B7, DriverDuties: ➢ Helping to get boys ready and to school in the morning.  May include getting them breakfas...21/06/2017100Yes

Part timeMill HillJunior Nanny for G3 in London

Light cleaning


picking and dropping off from school

Full timeWickwarOutgoing and Independent Au Pair for G6, driverLooking after F before school - giving her breakfast Walking the dogs Feeding the chickens and colle...03/09/2017100No

Part timeChalfont St PeterIndependent and energetic Au pair for B5 and B7, driverThe daily tasks would be:  Monday – Thursday : -                 Helping the children get ready for ...20/04/201795Yes

Part timeShalbourneOutdoorsy, horse-loving, outgoing Au Pair for G6 G4, Dutch speaker, DriverWe live in a beautiful and lively village in Wiltshire, surrounded by fields, forests and wildlife. ...01/06/201785Yes

Part timeLondonNorwegian au pair needed for wonderful central london family, 2 girlsDuties: We need standard au pair type help, speaking as much Norwegian as possible to my two girls, ...04/01/2017100No


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