Available Jobs and Placements

PermanentLondon#1965 Fun and Kind Au pair for Boy 6 and Girl 37.30/8-9:15 get kids to school 15:00 - 19:30 pick kids up, give them dinner, take them to clubs a ...15/09/201790Yes

CR5Au Pair
PermanentLondon#1961 Nanny Housekeeper for 2 young boys (3 and 1).£10-£12 ph The candidate ideally would work 4 days a week (which days are flexible) from 10am to 6pm...22/09/2017320No

TW9Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentLondon#1962 Friendly and Flexible Junior Nanny for Boy 7 and Boy 4Taking kids to school (15-20 min walk), picking up kids from school, helping with homework, cooking ...01/09/2017300No

W4Junior Nanny
Full timeBuckinghamshire#0632 Friendly and Energetic Au Pair for Boy 5 and Girl 2.5 years18/09/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1939 Nanny Housekeeper for Girl 4.5 years
12 hours housekeeping and 28 hours nannying =40 hours per week

£300 Gross p/w

Italian Family

NW6Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1950 Junior Nanny for Boy 6 and Girl 5- Supervise children getting dressed for school. Help with hair and teeth. Breakfast, reading and wa...03/08/2017250No

Full timeLeicestershire#1946 Elderly Companion for 78 y manDuties: Preparing and clearing simple breakfast (cereal, coffee, juice, maybe boiled egg or toast oc...01/08/2017250No

Full timeLondon#1940 Au Pair for Girl 6 and Girl 2.5We can offer £100 weekly for 28 hours including evening babysitting (babysitting is usually 1 night ...01/09/2017100Yes

PermanentLondon#1949 Junior Nanny for Boy 4, Girl 1.5, Baby on the wayNanny Not sole charge role, mum is involved. Help with breakfast, school and nursery runs, lunch and...01/11/2017400No

W3Nanny;Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#1945 Live-In Junior Nanny for Boy 3 and Boy 8months30-35 hours Cleaning Laundry Tidying Feeding kids Bathing kids Playing with kids Reading to kids Dre...01/08/2017300No

Full timeLondon#1937 Energetic and Active Au Pair for Girl 2The au pair\'s main role will be to pick up M from nursery school around 12.15 and look after her in...04/09/2017110No

SW4Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1936 Confident, Self-Starter Au Pair for Girl 14, Boy 11 and Girl 6Mornings - breakfast for children (not all children will eat breakfast each day as they might eat br...01/09/2017120No

E11Au Pair Plus
Full timeBuckinghamshire#1935 Driver Au Pair with Good English for Girl 8.5 and Boy 7We are a friendly, happy, family of four, and we are looking for a kind hearted person who loves chi...03/09/2017110Yes

HP16Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1879 AU or NZ Au Pair for Boy 9, Girl 6 and Girl 5School runs, cooking for the children, playing with them, preparing their school bags and uniforms, ...28/08/2017150Yes

SW17Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1934 Patient and Friendly Au Pair for Boy 4 and Girl 3The requirements would be to feed our children breakfast each morning, get them dressed and take our...29/08/2017110No

E11Au Pair Plus
Full timeSurrey#1179 Creative and Energetic Au Pair for Twin Boys 9 years and Girl 5Key duties are getting the kids to school (most days) from 8 - 9am. School is a ten minute walk away...04/09/2017100No

TW10Au Pair
Full timeEssex#1347 SPANISH Speaking Nanny Housekeeper Position for Boy 4 and Boy 2General daily house keeping, and to help out with the children. Both children will be at school duri...10/09/2017350No

Nanny Housekeeper
PermanentLondon#1933 Live-In Junior Nanny for Boy 6, Boy 4 and Boy 1.5We are a very loving family looking for an au pair who can help look after our three boys although t...01/09/2017375No

SW15Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#1930 Live-In Junior Nanny for Girl 3.5 and Girl 1.5We have two wonderful girls, aged 3.5 and 1.5 .They\'re fun, bright, sociable and well behaved. They...12/09/2017250No

SW11Junior Nanny
Full timeBuckinghamshire#1682 Fun Loving, Driver Au Pair for Girl 8 and Boy 13Taking care of x 2 children (8 and 13) Taking children to school Taking children to activities Help ...28/08/201780Yes

HP15Au Pair
PermanentLondon#1928 Driver Junior Nanny for Girl 12The Nanny would have her own bedroom and large bathroom on the 1/F. During school term, our daughter...28/08/2017200Yes

NW2Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#1927 Enthusiastic and Kind Au Pair for Girl 6 and Girl 7Morning (07:00 - 09:00): unload dishwasher, get children up, fed, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, b...01/09/2017100Yes

W5Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
PermanentLondon#1547 Nanny/Junior nanny for 3 children aged 3 and 10 months(twins)- pick up / drop off to nursery - entertaining children post nursery / school - cooking and light cl...01/08/2017No

NW10Nanny;Junior Nanny
PermanentLondon#1926 Friendly and Kind Nanny for Boy 5, Girl 3 and baby on the wayNanny: Only duties related to children. Not sole charge role. Mum involved. Housekeeper/Nanny: 60%...10/07/2017400No

SW6Nanny;Nanny Housekeeper
TemporaryLondon#1925 Energetic German speaking Au Pair for Boy 4 and Boy 230-35 hours per week Helping dress children before School Looking after toddler three days per week...30/08/2017100No

NW10Au Pair Plus
Full time#1924 Italian Au Pair for Girl 2 and Boy 3,5 yearsTidy up kids toys/rooms Cook for kids Organise play dates Pick up/Drop off eldest from preschool Pla...01/09/201790No

TW1Au Pair
Full timeBuckinghamshire#1922 Driver Au Pair for Boy 2,5 years.Duties:In September our son will start pre-school (2-3 hours per day, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)...01/09/2017120Yes

SL2Au Pair
Full timeLondon#1911 Nanny/Junior Nanny Position for Boy 3 1/2 yrs and Girl 9 monthsLooking for a nanny to start early/mid-September when I return to work. Both my husband and I work i...04/09/2017600No

SE15Nanny;Junior Nanny
Full timeLondon#1921 Fit and Fun Mother's Help for Girl 3 1/2We are interested in someone who clearly loves children and whose main priority is ensuring that my ...09/08/2017200No

W6Junior Nanny;Mother's Help
Full timeLondon#1899 Full-time Nanny JobCaring for 2 boys, 4.5 years old and 18 months. School drop offs and pick ups, all meal preparation ...24/07/2017450Yes

Full timeLondon#1593 French speaking Au Pair for Girl 13 and Boy 9Duties- I am a single parent. I have a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. The au pair will c...14/08/201780No

W14Au Pair
Full timeLondon#1902 Pet Nanny position for Cute miniature schnauzerDog walking with lead, no off lead walking. Small miniature schnauzer, doesn\'t shed hair, hypoaller...11/08/2017120No

NW7Pet Nanny
Full timeLondon#1900 Live-out Nanny Housekeeper for 2 children, (2 year old and 6 month old)Three days a week Look after baby 6 months old full time - sole charge. Will need to prepare meals e...03/07/2017280No

SW6Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1499 Au Pair for Boy 11 and Boy 9good English and lively personality . willingness to play with the children, not just care for them,...01/09/2017100No

SW16Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1897 Au Pair Position for 5 year old twinsMain help is required Tues, Wed and Thurs when mum and dad leave the house at 7am until mum returns ...01/09/2017150Yes

SW19Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeDevon#1890 Mother's Help position for 2 years old boyHello We are J and K. We have a 2 year old little boy called T, and 2 teenage children E and E of w...01/09/2017200No

Mother's Help
Full timeLondon#1621 Driver Mother's Help for boy 3.5 and girl 2 weeksHelp with 3 1/2year old... preparation of meals, getting ready for school etc, bath time, play etc. ...01/08/2017150Yes

Mother's Help
Full timeSurrey#1881 Mother's Help Position for Girl 7, Boy 6 and Girl 4Help with breakfast, school runs and dinner help bring to after school activities and play dates gen...07/08/2017200No

TW10Mother's Help
Full timeSevenoaks#1873 Nanny/Housekeeper position for Girl 4 years and Girl 21 monthsLooking after children, cooking, laundry. Willingness to run occasional errand Put a shop away. Gene...12/06/2017500Yes

TN15Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1872 Live-out Nanny for Girl 2 1/2 yearsThe MOST important quality for us, is Kindness. I am looking for Kind, patient person who will put m...04/09/2017330No

SW4Nanny;Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1875 Fun and Caring Au Pair for Boy 10, Boy 8 and Boy 8Mon-Fri 7.30 - 9.00 looking after 1 child before school (aged 8) Mon - Fri 4pm - 7pm looking after...31/08/2017120No

SW17Au Pair
Full timeKent#1397 Proactive Au Pair for 2 girls 12 and 13 years, Driver* Preparing morning breakfast for the girls (630-700am) * Tidying up the girls\' room (700-730am) * ...01/08/2017110Yes

BR1Au Pair
Full timeLondon#1555 French speaking Au Pair for Girl 5 and Boy 8Mon - Frid 6.50 am - 9 am help children to dress themselves for school,and take them to school. Some...01/07/201780No

W5Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeSurrey#1821 Live-in Junior Nanny Position for Girl5 and 3y twin BoysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 7.00 – 9.00 Get children ready, breakfast, take them to school & nursery...21/08/2017250Yes

KT24Nanny;Junior Nanny
Full timeWandsworthLive-in Housekeeper required in Central LondonIn addition to English, speaks either Spanish or Italian -Responsibilities: cleaning, cooking, ironi...05/06/2017300No

Full timeLondon#1843 Junior Nanny/ Mother's Help for Girl 7, Boy 5, Boy 2It will be a shared role with the mum. Sole care of our 2yro most mornings. Taking care of the child...12/06/2017225No

N10Junior Nanny;Mother's Help
Full timeSurrey#0897 Nanny/Housekeeper Position for Boys aged 3, 5 and 6Full housekeeping duties - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping floors and all the family laundry an...01/09/2017350No

TW9Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeSurrey#0897 Housekeeper position in Richmond, SurreyFull housekeeping duties - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping floors and all the family laundry an...01/09/2017250No

Full timeLondon#Nanny Position for Girl 7 and Girl 9Young, polite, well presented, happy to play, perfect english, able with homework, energetic and swe...10/06/2017400Yes

Full timeMuswell HillNanny/Housekeeper for family with G3 and newbornRe English Ability - if they are Spanish or French Speaking, we don't mind if their English is bad. ...12/06/2017350No

N10Nanny Housekeeper
Full timeLondon#1424 Fun and Enthusiastic Au Pair for Girl 5 and Girl 2Monday to Friday 07:30 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 19:00 (Generally) School drop off and pick up Accompany o...02/09/201790No

N4Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1269 Patient and Punctual Au Pair for Girl 13, Boy 9 and Girl 725-30 hrs/week. The au pair would do drop off and collection of the children at two local schools, ...20/08/2017100No

SE21Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1850 Driver Au Pair for Girl 7, Girl 5 and Boy 5Would like to discuss. Both of us work full time - the occasional day from home. We need someone to ...21/08/2017Yes

SW19Au Pair Plus
Full timeOxford#1404 Cheerful and Confident Au Pair for Boy 16, Boy 14 and Boy 11After school care for an 11 year old boy. Preparing evening meal for three boys (16, 14 and 11). Occ...28/08/2017100Yes

OX2Au Pair
Full timeLondon#1852 Energetic Au Pair for Girl 9 and Girl 77:20 - 8:30 Preparing breakfast, taking children to school (walk or bus) 16:00 - 19:00 Pick up from...09/07/201780No

SW11Au Pair
Full timeLondon#0788 Fun And Friendly Au Pair for Boy 13, Girl 10, Girl 7Most weeks hours would be Monday to Friday, 5 hours a day, but flexibility required, especially in s...29/08/2017110No

SW15Au Pair
Full timeSurrey#1839 Au Pair for Boy 12 and Girl 15Being at home for the kids if I am working late. Light housework (running dishwasher, washing machin...07/06/2017100Yes

KT7Au Pair
Full timeGreat Cornard#0375 Friendly Au Pair for Boy 10Before school - breakfast together, preparing and driving to school Drive to school After school- ...22/07/2017100Yes

Full timeSurrey#471 Calm and Kind Au Pair for Boy 5, Boy 3 and Boy 2I have three boys, 5 years, 3 years and my youngest will turn two in September. I am looking for som...20/08/2017100No

Full timeLondon#1830 Lovely Au Pair for Girl 7School pick up 3 to 4 afternoons a week with expected childcare duties from about 4pm to 7pm with oc...30/09/201780Yes

Full timeLondon#1829 Kind and Considerate Au Pair for Girl 7 and Boy 5AM - help with getting the children up and ready for school. Occasionally doing breakfast without m...17/08/2017100Yes

SW19Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeLondon#1822 Independent and Responsible Au Pair for Girl 6 and Girl 4Morning start: 7:30/8am. Help with children (two girls aged 4 and 6) getting ready for school. 8:45a...15/09/2017100No

SW17Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeOxfordshire#1151 Au Pair for Boy 9 and Girl 530 hours per week, organising breakfast, teas, pick up from school, helping with home work, tidyin...11/09/201790Yes

OX10Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeBeckenham#1818 Au Pair for Girl 8 and Girl 11Morning duties from 7:30/8am to 9:30am Supervise breakfast, check the children have school bags, spo...21/08/2017No

BR3Au Pair;Au Pair Plus
Full timeChippenham#0905 French Au Pair for 5 year old twins and 9 year old boyWe have 3 boys, twins boys R and G aged 5 and W aged 9. Photos to follow. The basic daily routine wi...Yes

SN14Junior Nanny
Full timeLincolnFun Au Pair for 5 year old girlGet L up, dressed, feed her breakfast and then take her to school for 0845. Light house work as requ...14/08/2017100Yes

LN6Au Pair
Full timeAu Pair Plus position, 2 children, In Bekrshire SL3We would like our au pair to work up to 35 hours per week, which will include up to 2 nights babysit...28/08/201795Yes

SL3Au Pair Plus
Part timeLondonNorwegian au pair needed for wonderful central london family, 2 girlsDuties: We need standard au pair type help, speaking as much Norwegian as possible to my two girls, ...04/01/2017100No

SW6Au Pair